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Kinky Instagram Hashtag Tool

You may have seen my Puppy Hood Visualiser on the site, which has proved popular in helping pups design their own looks! And you, hopefully, follow me over on Instagram. One of the things that is very important on Instagram is the use hashtags, but it gets quite boring writing out lists of hash tags each time. And you ideally want to be using a variety of hashtags for each post to add exposure to […]

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New Blog and New eStim

So I have been doing some work on the site, had some hunky guys to help me, and have finally got around to installing some new blog software! This is much better, easier for me to use and post to. So just means I’ll have to get on with writing more! I’ve had a very busy few weeks, and this week is now fully booked. If you want an appointment you need to ideally book […]

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Website now with added protection

We all know safer sex and protection is very important, well now you can browse my site with that same level of protection! All pages on the site (either or are all protected by a secure SSL certificate. So when you are viewing the site all the data is encrypted, you will now see the little padlock symbol in your browser to show this. Just a small thing, but your privacy and discretion […]

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