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Rubber, boots, suspension & miking

This is a picture from slaves visit a few months back, a very memorable and enjoyable time! A long time ago I saw a picture of another sub/slave in a similar position and always enjoyed the look of it, so when the opportunity came to recreate it I couldn’t say no. A combination of rubber, tit pegs, suspension and milking with the Venus milker. Perfect! Of course the trick is to keep them on edge […]

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New Horizontal Suspension

I love suspension! It’s so much fun – and the feeling of total helplessness for the sub is unlike any other. I am also very lucky to have a dungeon space that is nearly 3m floor to ceiling – so plenty of space to leave you hanging around. I’ve been able to offer various forms of suspension for a while now with wrist and foot suspension and also the Fetters Suspension Harness. So a vertical […]

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One of the great things about a my dungeon is that it has high ceilings … and high ceilings are good for hanging things from. Subs particularly! Many like the feeling of being ‘vulnerable’ – a real sense of loss of control, Sir could do whatever he wanted. And suspension play provides a very definite loss of control as you feel the ground beneath you stretches out of reach. It is very much the ultimate […]

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