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Covid Testing Before Each Session

I am so pleased to be able to have sessions again regularly after the past 18 months of Covid. It’s is quite strange it feels like we skipped a year – we just miss 2020 when talking about seeing people, going on holiday or to events. But restrictions are easing and the UK in the coming weeks should hit 90% of the adult population double jabbed which is an amazing achievement! Particularly when you consider […]

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Introduction to Safewords

Safe BDSM is sexy BDSM and for me safewords are a key to that. Click here or the image to view the video version of this blog post. I never play without a safeword and I want to explain more about that and why they are so important. I have a very simple safeword that I use in all of my sessions, and it is quite commonly used by others in the kink world, and […]

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New Video: Paddle Power

Impact play – yes hitting someone! There are many different forms of impact play, and many of them will be covered in videos over the coming months, but this one is an introduction to some of my favourite paddles in the dungeon. One of the most interesting can be the humble riding crop, small impact area, but visually very nice with its long flexible handle. And that handle, of course, means excellent reach to a […]

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