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Counting With Sir

You can view the video that goes with this post here. One of the biggest thrills for many in BDSM sessions and play is power exchange – the differentiation of the Dom and sub, the Superior and the inferior, the Master and the boy. There are many ways we do this – a collar, a Leathered Sir and naked slave, the language we use – Sir, Master, boy, slut, whore, faggot etc. I always enjoy […]

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Slave Protocols

I have some slaves who follow various protocols when they visit. Coming for a session starts off with getting into the right head-space. Leaving the trappings of everyday life behind and allowing yourself to let go and become the sub/slave your heart desires. For example, one dirty cock hungry slut who visits knows that as soon as the door opens he is to go to the dungeon. Once there change into something slutty showing off […]

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