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Visiting a Pro-Dom / Escort

Happy New Year and welcome to 2017! Many people start January with resolutions that last about a week, but some do use the new year as an opportunity / excuse to try new things. Or to think to yourself this year you are going to take that next step – whatever it may be. And that may be booking your first visit to an Escort / ProDom. So I thought I would start the year […]

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What do you want?

I’m a big Sci-Fi fan, and one of my favourite TV shows has been Babylon 5 for a long time. Followers of the show will probably recognise the title of this post as the question Mr Morden and his associates The Shadows asked. But a variation of this question is something that I ask all my clients, particularly those who wish to visit The Dungeon. Everyone who visits me has different interests, different desires, different […]

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Of Dildo’s & Buttplug’s

I am often asked if I have any dildos that people can try, the answer is of course not just yes but lots. Of various sizes and lengths! The picture isn’t all of them, but it shows off a good selection of them from the smallest to some of the largest! Ass play can be amazing fun! But it takes patience and practice. If you aren’t experienced while the idea may make for an amazing […]

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