For those who wish to explore a longer session, or to have the opportunity to lose yourself in your sub headspace I have introduced ‘Slave for a Day’. This is a full days booking, usually starting around 10 am and going on into the evening.

Like all of my sessions, there isn’t a set structure to the day, all will be discussed in advance of your visit on how you wish to use the day and what sort of experience you would be looking for.

What would you do with at least 8 hours to spend in the company of a Dom with extensive private Dungeon? What is the fantasy you want to really explore?

Here are some suggestions, but these are only my ideas – what’s your ultimate fantasy to make reality?

More, Deeper & Harder

How about a day where you get to experience as many scenes and scenarios as your kinky heart desires? A day of play with rest breaks, lunch etc with downtime to discuss your fetishes and desires and interests – a chance to relax and explore your kink interests?

For many subs they enjoy exploring their limits in play, maybe trying new scenes, exploring interests further, pushing limits.

So how about spending a day that consists of several play scenes, some may be shorter just half an hour, some may be longer two or three hours. All exploring different interests and scenes? Or using the time to really push and train you to take a harder beating, to open your holes up, to see how long you can endure confined bondage, to really get into your puppy headspace, or something else?

A Life of Service

In between play there will be breaks and rest times, but during these times you get to serve as a slave of your Master. Slaves are not just about play, they are about serving the needs of your Master. At the end of a scene who should tidy the playroom and clean up? The slave while Sir relaxes.

If Sir needs a drink, something fetching, maybe a foot massage while he enjoys a break – who should attend to those needs. His slave!

Of course, the slaves get to enjoy a drink and downtime too, sat at Sir’s boots and feet. And for true service-oriented subs Sir’s boots, leathers and gear always needs cleaning, maintaining and preparing. And if a good job is done slaves can also act as Sir’s valet, dressing him.

With arrangement it is also possible to arrange a trip out for some lunch. Both appropriately dressed (civvies of course so not to draw undue attention), a subtle collar locked on underneath your shirt and maybe a butt plug inserted to be worn while out. Perhaps you would act as chauffeur, you would definitely be the bag carrier – remember a servants life is to make their Master’s life easier and more comfortable.

Sissy / CD Maids are more then welcome to come and provide a day of kinky domestic service!

Extended Bondage

Bondage for many can only be described as a need to experience that nothing else can come close to. But to test your endurance and limits takes time – how long do you want to try?

Kept in a cage for three or four hours while Sir works at his desk? An afternoon of sensory deprivation – ear plugs, tight hood, blindfold, ear defenders, Sleepsack? Strapped to the bondage chair in a straight jacket with no idea of when you’ll be released?

Bookings & Small Print

Like all sessions, rates are published on my Rates & Tributes page. Note the following in addition to my standard booking terms:

  1. Booking to be discussed and confirmed over phone. Initial enquiries can be through other means but the booking to be confirmed over the phone.
  2. Within 24hours of booking a £200 deposit is to be made to secure the date.
  3. The remaining balance to be paid in full three days prior to the agreed date.
  4. Bookings available Monday – Friday.
  5. No discounts can be used.
  6. All deposits are non-refundable. For cancellations with more than 72hours notice the deposit may be used as a credit against future bookings, at my discretion.

Any questions or something you would like to explore? Get in touch!