Photo’s from sessions are amazing to keep! You are loving being tied up, strapped down, hooded, blindfolded, and struggling … you just wish you could also see yourself and how horny you look!

The problem today is ensuring you are confident photo’s wont be shown to or shared with others.

In some sessions, I have done these pics not with my own camera/phone but with the clients – that way I have no access to the pictures. But there is still a digital copy of them, what if they aren’t deleted or accidentally shared with the wrong person?

I recently came across a solution to this … a way of ensuring you retain complete control over the image and knowing there is no copy. I recently purchased a FujiFilm Instax Square camera. A what? It is the Fuji equivalent of a Polaroid instant camera.

The camera is loaded up with film, and then I can take as many snaps during a session as you like. There is no digital copy of the image, just the physical photo that will develop over the few minutes after the picture has been taken.

These photos are yours to keep if you wish – or at the end of the session you can destroy them to be disposed of.

The Gallery

Some slaves and visitors like the idea of others seeing them being used or in sessions. So for those who have Instant photos taken and wish to explore their exhibitionism, I have created a special gallery on the website. I recommend using a tablet, laptop or desktop to view it as it benefits from a larger screen.

These photos have not been retouched in any way – they are the moment as the camera saw them.

Due to the nature of the camera and the process by which the photos develop the colours may not always come out, or they may come out darker than you expect. That unpredictable nature of this type of photographer is what I love about it.

If you have a session with me and would like photo’s taken (either for personal use or to add to the gallery) there is a £10 charge to cover the cost of the packet of the film (10 shots).