“Completely helpless – perfect!!”

That is how one client described the feeling. There are various options for how you can be suspended in the Dungeon – each giving a very different sensation. When suspended there are a lot of things that could be done, anal play, cbt, ball weights, tit torture, tickling, violet wand, electro, or even just a gentle stroke. The most important thing to remember is you have lost all control – you can’t get away.

Suspension Harness

This is the most common form of suspension, and certainly the preferred way for many to experience it for the first time. You will be put into the Fetters Suspension Harness and then adjusted to a comfortable fit.

Once comfortable you will be lifted up using an electric hoist, your feet just barely off the ground or maybe a foot up! For complete helplessness, your hands can be tied either behind your back or tied to the suspension bar above your head – either way, they won’t be able to be used.

Upside Down – Foot Suspension

Using some Fetters Foot Suspension Stirrups you start lying on your back on the floor and then are slowly lifted up by your feet so you are dangling in mid-air. Hands-free or hands-tied up, decisions decisions.

At present, for foot suspension, you must bring/wear tight-fitting boots as the stirrups aren’t padded and so are not suitable for barefoot suspension.

More Options

Using the 2nd manual hoist in the Dungeon, giving much more control over movement allows for horizontal suspension. Would you like to be mummified in duct tape and then left floating mid-air? A vibrator slowly working your cock and balls to a frenzy?

Or how about floating, and then feeling the gentle buzz of an electro butt plug and cock straps.

I also have a sit sling available which some find more comfortable, and this can be combined with other toys … the milker for example for a very intense experience.