I am very open minded and enjoy all forms of kink, fantasy and fetish, a list of keywords for things I enjoy is here with more information below.

Anal stretching
Ass play
Ball busting

Cock sucking
CP / Corporal Punishment
Deep throat
Face fucking

Forced Bi
Fucking machine
Heavy bondage

Metal restraints

Sounds / sounding
Straight jacket
Tit torture
Venus Milker

BDSM Taster Session

You have that inner desire to submit, to serve, to be told what to do. But you have never explored it in a BDSM session or scene and aren’t sure what to expect.

The taster session is a box of kinky chocolates, you aren’t sure what you are going to get but it will be varied and some you may like others you can take or leave or may not want to repeat. But you will get to start your BDSM journey or slave training. A sample session may work as follows:

You arrive at the agreed time, I will greet you at the door in full Leather and take you upstairs to the playroom.

We start with an informal drink and chat, agree on limits, and discuss safety, safe words, medical conditions etc.

You will then be asked to undress and kneel/stand in front of me. You will be asked if you are ready to submit/begin your training, and you will be asked to confirm safewords and your understanding of their use.

Answers to all questions are expected to end with “Sir”, so suitable answers here are “Yes Sir!”

A collar will be placed around your neck and may be padlocked.

And then the fun starts, you may have requested certain things to experience, have done or do, or you may just want to submit and allow me to show you lots of new experiences.

If there are particular things you have requested these will form part of the scene, otherwise, I will go with what I fancy at the time – this could include flogging, paddling, cock and ball torture (cbt), tit torture (tt), spanking, ass play. Maybe time in the sling, on the St Andrews, whipping bench or bondage chair.

Anal and Ass Play

From anal virgin, to complete ass pig you can expect to explore and enjoy the pleasure of ass play all its forms.

One of the most important things about all assplay is to learn patience, and to ensure your first experiences are safe, comfortable and enjoyable! I have helped many bottoms connect or even reconnect with their holes, help them learn to relax, to open up and take larger or longer toys or whatever they wanted help with achieving or experiencing. Read more …

Bondage & Restraint

Bondage is about restriction, the loss of movement. There are so many options for including bondage within a scene or making it the focus of a session. Most BDSM play will involve some form of bondage, it may just be wearing a pair of handcuffs or it could be tied in a hog-tie position on the bondage board/floor.

Sometimes it may not involve any physical restrictions, you could just be instructed to place your hands on the wall, feel a given distance apart and then told not to move. Read more …


There are various options for how you can be suspended in the Dungeon – each giving a very different sensation. When suspended there is a lot of things that could be done, anal play, cbt, ball weights, tit torture, tickling, violet wand, electro, or even just a gentle stroke. The most important thing to remember is you have lost all control – you can’t get away. Read more …

Cock & Ball Torture (CBT)

Our cock and balls are very precious to us and very sensitive! They can also be used within a BDSM session to really increase the intensity of experience, and sensation or for pain pigs to hit new highs!

Not all cock and ball play is about heavy pain. Read more…

CP / Corporal Punishment

Ah the sound of a cane through the air right before it lands.

Over the knee, bent over, strapped to the whipping bench, suspended … whats your favourite position? But what about implements – hand, hair brush, belt, paddles, ruler, strap, or of course the classic cane?

Sometimes you don’t want a caning, you need it. Whatever it is you need you will be dealt with accordingly!

Puppy Play

Sometimes you really want to escape from reality, and just leave your life at the door and release your inner woofer!

Pup play is so popular now, and something I really enjoy – partly because I love playing with bio-dogs (real-life ones). And pup play is the same, just that it is a human dog I am with.

Some pups like to play with just a collar, others like a puppyhood, pup tail, and mitts (paws). All of which I have available for you to play with/in if you choose. And of course, a puppy cage to curl up in if you need a rest.

Electro / E-Stim

E-Stim is something many people are equally scared of and excited by the thought of!

I only use powerboxes and devices designed for this kind of play that are both safe and fun to use!

A violet wand can go from a light buzz to sparks flying of fun like a hundred needles on your skin.

Or maybe an e-stim butt plug to feel like you are getting fucked. They can also be used on the cock and balls for some unique interesting and erotic or more painful experiences.