Sir Dave Stories

SirDave Stories: Boot Worship

The boy crawls forward as instructed and just before he reaches the tall black leather boots Sir Dave instructs him further. ‘Stop there boy. Start with the toe of the left boot, I want to see your slave tongue working hard to polish it. Now boy.’ He says assertively and with ease. The boy begins to work his tongue up and down, left and right, lapping away at the leather, the taste of it consuming […]

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SirDave Stories: The Collar

The boy hears the door open. The sound of a boot heel greeting the floor, growing closer and closer. The boy feels leather on the back of his neck, he feels Sir Dave’s fingers glide across the lower of his neck. The boy makes sure to hold the leather collar at an appropriate level so Sir Dave does not have to lean down, reach or strain to take it from the boy’s hand. It’s at […]

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