New Bondage Gear

I recently added some new bondage gear to the Dungeon collection that you can see above. Firstly some Fetters metal wrist manacles, these are very comfortable to wear – cold steel against your skin. And locked on rather cleverly with a concealed allen key lock. Look out for the matching ankle manacles that will be coming – perfect to combine with a piece of chain to the wrist ones and of course 1Kg heavy metal […]

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New Sounds

I recently ordered a set of Hegar 8 Inch Urethral Sounds, and they are lovely – can’t wait to slide them down inside some cocks! Sound play is amazing – imagine your cock being stimulated on both the inside as well as outside as its wanked! This set of 8 sounds is actually 16 as they are double sided, going from the smallest at 3mm diameter up to the largest at 18mm in 1mm increments. As […]

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All In The Detail

There are many people who have built their own dungeon / playroom, and there are many that you can hire around the country and world. Some I have done just that. Over the years I have built my own collection up to build my Dungeon to explore my own fetishes and interests. It’s a long slow process, but one of the things that is really important to me is getting it right … getting the […]

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