For a long time over on Twitter, there has been the hashtag #FollowFriday which is shorted to #ff for a certain kind of kinkster who has a teenage snigger when they think about it. But a few years back the very sexy Dan in Berlin decided fetish Twitter needed a new sexier weekly hashtag.

And so #MuirCapMonday was born!

The cap is named after the company that first designed and manufactured it. And it has become a part of many leathermen’s gear collections – one of the finishing touches that when worn can make many a boy’s knees weak.

This past week Dan posted a reminder of the Muir Cap Monday tag, and I was honoured to see a picture of me in mine was one of his UK favourites. So in celebration of today’s Muir Cap Monday, I wanted to share some of my favourite shots wearing mine.

The cap worn here is the Spexter Deluxe Leather Cap. And be sure to follow the Berlin Hunk’s twitter account, he posts pics of very hot guys and let him know which of the ones you would pic in is regular questions.

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