People book sessions with me for all sorts of different reasons. And all of them are valid, some examples of what people have told me about why they visit have included being able to explore a fetish with someone in confidence, trying out some gear before they buy it, fulfilling a fantasy with someone they can trust, just want to have some fun without the hassle of using apps/dating sites. There are many!

Something several have booked sessions for is as a form of therapy, they find that a hard caning or a few hours in very tight restrictive bondage gives them a physical and importantly emotional release unlike anything else. And being quite selfish about it – quite descriptive in their desires and needs. They don’t have to worry about the play partner – of course, most want to know I enjoy the session and get pleasure from it and I can say with absolute certainty I do. The difference in how someone looks afterwards is amazing – to have helped them achieve that feeling is something very special.

The Best Back & Shoulder Massage

I remember one client who visited a few times complained of back problems, lots of tension and aches. Within their session, they wanted to try some flogging. So a short usual discussion, and then I aways begin by touching and feeling their back – I want to know it before I use any impact. But I don’t just want to know the visual – I love to feel, to touch, to grab, to massage a little. Get to know the muscles, the structure, the tightness, the suppleness. Start to connect to the body, first visually, and then physically with my hands and then with the tails of my leather floggers.

The scene begins and uses a variety of weights of the flogger, and different strokes, intermixed with some gentle touching and stroking of the back between more intense times.

After the end of the session, they commented on how it was one of the best back massages they had ever had. Partly because of the rhythmic nature of the flogging, partly the intensity. They said they were just able to relax, let go and get lost in the moment. This gave them a deeper more powerful massage – the mental and emotional state changed through a scene of impact play – which got quite intense and painful at times. And at times verbalising that also helped them let go of the tensions.

It Starts With Talking

I have had some sessions that have been a level of emotional and mental intensity, unlike many others. They are a very special session that I have been entrusted with taking people through.

Ones where people have had self-confidence, issues of shame, or in some cases history of abuse. Many of them, have had the help of Talking Therapy and feel ready to move into physical exploration again. But doing so can be very stressful, it’s a big step to take.

They chose to see me, to get help in a safe, controlled environment where they are in control – they control what we do, how far we go, and in the full knowledge that everything stops with a single word – without judgement or shame.

This site talks about what I primarily do – BDSM, kinks, fetish, But that is not what every session has to be, they don’t have to involve any kink, gear or the dungeon.

Sometimes it’s just being able to hold and hug someone who is just standing there allowing you to explore their body and your own body. Maybe after invasive surgery, you are very self-conscious about a scar or changes to your body. Maybe you just want to be able to undress and let them see you. Maybe you have had some bad previous experiences and you want to build up some trust again.

If you want to connect or reconnect with your physical and/or sexual self then please feel free to get in touch to discuss how I may be able to help you do this. And of course, your confidentiality and privacy are maintained at all times!

It is very important I make clear I have no therapy, counselling, psychology or similar training or experience. I advise everyone to seek qualified professional help for any mental, emotional, physical traumas. I am a huge advocate of Talking Therapies and encourage everyone to try visiting a suitable therapist. There are many who specialise in those who have sexuality and kink interests too.

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