I recently opened a little online gift store, initially, it is just selling some mugs that I have designed, and some art/images on mugs that I have commissioned. I am planning on adding more gay, kink, fetish, and or BDSM-related products soon. Something I’ve wanted to offer for a while is chain collars … chain is easy to buy, but not in the lengths you want/need to for a collar and you need to cut it down to length!

You can find the mugs on my SirDGiftstore Etsy site. Most of the products can be customised in some way, and I can also make some custom designs – details below! So let’s have a look at some of the designs available.

Show Your Pride

Show your pride with your identity and pronouns. There are 19 pride flags to choose from (more to be added, any available on request) including the classic six colour rainbow, through Progress Pride, Transgender, Leather, other fetishes, sexualities, and genders.

Along with the flag, you can feature your name and preferred pronouns. The name can be your chosen name, account name, or how you identify (I use Master in the video about the mugs for example).

And then your pronouns – how should you be addressed? I have created a list of suggested ones, but you can always suggest any that you would prefer for printing on the mug. It is your mug and is to reflect who / what you are after all!

There are two different designs of Pride mugs – one has a flag on both sides of the mug with your name vertically along the side. The other has a flag on one side and the identity on the other, or no text as you prefer. On all the designs the names can be anything – your chosen name, your twitter handle, your slave / pup name.

The same for the pronouns – do you identify as “he / him / Sir”, “she / her / Misstress” or maybe more “it / fag / cunt”.

What’s Your Voice?

Have some fun with your identity, show people how serious you are. Do you have a secret Drag Queen voice, maybe a butch gay voice or just very gay!

Great gifts for Christmas for the friend or love in your life.


The Hanky Code is something many are familiar with but there are so many colours it’s hard to remember what they all are! So why not have a mug that shows you 18 of the popular colours on it.

Or what about showing off your own kinks with your coffee? Choose up to eleven hanky colours across Top and Bottom and get a mug printed with them on. Your own personal coffee flirt mug!

So please have a look at the gift store, let me know what you think of the designs or if there are any new ones you would like to see.

Launch Offer

To launch the store you can save 10% on any order with the discount code THANKYOUSIR at checkout.

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