Wow, it is nearly the end of May already!

So the start of 2022 has not been anything like I have planned, I haven’t been able to dedicate anywhere enough time to this work or my website. It has been quite a stressful start to the year with a few false starts along the way.

But I am pleased to say things have calmed down now, sessions should now be available regularly again and I am back working on some long overdue podcasts and videos about kink, BDSM and all the fun things we can do together!

I also thought I’d share some updates that I have added to the site with some new photos! First of all, I have updated the Session Instax photo gallery.

These are some of my favourite pictures on the site – because they look amazing, but they are taken from sessions I have had (with the consent of the subject to share of course). These pictures are taken with an Instant camera, something I offer for sessions as a keepsake. They aren’t digital pics they are a version of the old Polaroid picture – the camera prints the photo directly so there are no copies! Take or destroy the picture and there are no copies anywhere!

The ones I have permission to share I scan and upload to the gallery, there are now 40 pictures in the gallery to go through – click the picture here to check them out!

This picture is part of a scene I have wanted to recreate for a while. Suspended in a sit sling, pegs on the tits and then Venus milker working a big load out of the slave’s dick and nothing they could do to stop it!

You will find several pics of slave in the gallery – suspended, strapped down, in the bondage chair and where it belongs – worshipping my tall boots.

I also recently had the absolute pleasure to meet up with the incredibly sexy and talented D81 Photo’s for some more pictures, this time here in my own playroom. You can check those pics out in the gallery and you will also find one of my all-time favourite pictures in my Leathers too.

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Until next time.

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