I am so pleased to be able to have sessions again regularly after the past 18 months of Covid. It’s is quite strange it feels like we skipped a year – we just miss 2020 when talking about seeing people, going on holiday or to events.

But restrictions are easing and the UK in the coming weeks should hit 90% of the adult population double jabbed which is an amazing achievement! Particularly when you consider less than a year ago we didn’t have a single vaccine to fight this global pandemic!

Todays Test Result

We do still need to be very aware of Covid, it is not going to go away – the world has only irradicated one disease in our history (apart from about two or three labs where it is kept just in case). So we will need to live with it, and hopefully, we can all get through the winter without any major disruptions.

And part of that living with it now is regular testing – the best prevention is to know your status. That sounds like a familiar phrase from the 80’s and 90’s. And like then it is true, if you know you are Covid positive you can isolate and prevent infection and spreading to others.

And as part of that, I am now taking almost daily Lateral Flow tests. Every day I have a client session booked I take a test first thing in the morning to make sure I am not putting them at risk. I understand these tests are as accurate as a PCR one, but they are simple, easy and give immediate results. If I think I have been exposed I book a PCR and wait for the result (fortunately that has only happened twice and both times negative).

The tests that you can order on the Gov.UK website are now nasal swabs only, which is so much easier to go and requires a lot less gagging.

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