The boy crawls forward as instructed and just before he reaches the tall black leather boots Sir Dave instructs him further.

‘Stop there boy. Start with the toe of the left boot, I want to see your slave tongue working hard to polish it. Now boy.’ He says assertively and with ease.

The boy begins to work his tongue up and down, left and right, lapping away at the leather, the taste of it consuming his mouth. Making him desperate for more, his head unable to see anything but the hard floor and the toe of the boot in front of him. The boy licks so hard and so desperately that soon the toe of the boot is wet and dripping. Sir Dave notices this,

Now make it shine with your face boy.’ He commands and uses His right boot to force the boy’s head down into the boot, the boy feels the boot dig into his skin and guide his face across the boot, the wetness soaking into his face and the smell of leather all over his face. Sir Dave then removes his right boot and looks down at the boy’s work.

‘Not good enough boy, again!’ And with this instruction the boy feels a sharp, quick slap to his arse, the pain registering first before the sound even connects the dots of what happened. The boy gets to work once more, licking every part of the toe that he can reach whilst he’s on his knees and once again after a few minutes Sir Dave forces his head down into the boot and makes the boy mop up the wetness.

‘Hmmm, you need to work on this boy. My boots deserve the best shine. Your tongue is always the starting point before I allow you to really buff them up with polish boy. Now onto the right toe.’

The boy repeats the procedure for the right boot, working a little harder this time though knowing that Sir Dave isn’t satisfied yet. His face quickly becomes dry from the amount of saliva that has soaked into his skin. Once the process has been completed twice Sir Dave then speaks up.

Now move forward a little, begin work on the leg of left the boot. There’s a lot of space there boy and all of it needs to shine. I want to feel your slave tongue through the leather boy.’ He says with conviction.

‘Yes Sir!’ The boy replies and he places his tongue as hard as he can against the leather before he feels another smack to his arse.

‘I didn’t tell you to speak boy!’ Sir Dave says fiercely. ‘Just do as you’re told and lick you piece of shit.’ The boy obeys and licks deep, hard but slow. The boy continues like this for a while until there’s another smack on his arse.

‘Faster boy!’ Sir Dave commands. The boy licks fast, deep, he feels his tongue massaging the leather. Sir Dave growing impatient grabs the boys head firmly with his gloved hand and moves the boys head up and down.

‘Like this boy.’ He orders. He let goes of the boys head and the boy stays in the same motion his tongue swiping up and down the leather, the entire length of the right hand side of the boot is wet now.

‘Now the other side.’ Sir Dave says. The boy obeys and works on the other side with the same dedication.

‘Now you’re getting it boy, worship them. These are your Master’s boots, they deserve the same amount of respect that I do.’ The boy listens and obeys.

Finally after what felt like a good hour to the boy Sir Dave grabs his head once more, ‘Tongue back in your mouth boy, let’s dry the boot.’ The boys face is rubbed up and down against the leather, his saliva drying once more into his skin.

‘Now the leg of the right boot boy. Show it your devotion boy, show me you’re learning.’ Sir Dave says as he leans back in his chair, the sound of his leathers creaking in his chair. The boy spends what feels like another hour fixated on the leg of the boots until eventually Sir Dave repeats the same process.

‘Tongue in boy.’ And he grabs the boys head to dry the boot.

With the boot dry Sir Dave pulls the boys head up so he can see Him in all His glory. Sir Dave smiles through his Muir Cap and slaps the boy with his left hand, the boys head turns away as he feels his cheek raw, Sir Dave brings his head back to centre and repeats. Sir Dave then does the same process with his other hand. The boy cowering slightly now.

‘Be humble boy.’ Sir Dave says as he takes his left glove off his hand and then strikes it across the boys face hard, the boy almost goes sideways off his knees. Sir Dave stands up and pushes the boy back with his boot, the boy now on the floor looks up at his Master.

‘Tongue out boy.’ The boy obeys and sticks his tongue out, Sir Dave raises his boot and places the sole of his left boot against the boys mouth.

‘Lick the soles. Get them clean, I don’t want a speck of dirt there boy.’ The boy licks and licks until his tongue begins to feel dry against the soles. Sir Dave then swaps the soles and the boy licks the other pair without instruction.

‘Good boy. You’re learning, from now on when I’m wearing these boots the first thing you will do is kneel and kiss them, even if we meet in public boy, you see these boots and you kiss them, you will then ask me if they need cleaning. You will do this every time you see me in them boy. Nod your head so I know you understand.’ The boy nods his head as much as he can underneath the boot.

‘Good boy, now,’ Sir Dave says as he takes the boot away and sits back down in his chair. ‘On your knees, hands behind your back.’ The boy kneels, his pathetic slave cock wet and dribbling pre cum. ‘The next part of me you will show your dedication to is my gloves. Open your mouth boy.’

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