Well here we are again, back in Lockdown.

I’m not going to lie, the past year has been tough! I’ve hardly been able to work and do the work I love … and I get that a lot of you are very frustrated and horny! The other word a lot of people have used to describe how they feel at the moment is bored. No pubs, restaurants, bars, cinemas, entertainment is quite a social killer.

But the vaccine roll-out is continuing and so far looking like it is on schedule! So hopefully in spring the restrictions can start to be lifted and we can slowly return to our lives without limits.

Now there isn’t going to a single date where it is all over … it’s not like on the 3rd July Covid will be done. We don’t know if we will ever be rid of Covid-19, but we will be back in a much stronger place and able to spend time together.

At this time I don’t know when I will be able to return to having sessions in 2021, but I am making preparations for it and getting ready to return to work and play! So here are some things I am planning, for you to look forward to and how you can help.

Dungeon Clean Up & Check

A lot of the kit and gear as been left unused for months, some over a year since it was last used or worn!

I’ve started sorting and cleaning everything in the dungeon. This also involves double-checking everything is still in top condition without damage or issues that would make the items unsafe to use. The furniture is firm and sturdy etc. This is work that I always do regularly after sessions, but without having used a lot of kit for a while it feels prudent to use this opportunity to review everything I have.

Dildo Replacement & Sale

As part of my commitment to using the best available toys, gear and furniture I have decided to move to use only silicone ass toys. These have many advantages, easier to clean and less risk of an allergic reaction. And silicone is nonporous so safer as any substances will stay on the surface and are a lot easier to sanitise. Which is important to consider if toys are being used with multiple partners.

And so I am selling off my old dildos. These are amazing toys to use! And if you are using them yourself or with known play partners, they will bring many hours of anal pleasure and stretching.

So the collection available for sale (with estimated original purchase price) are:

  • Crackstuffers Classic Butt Plug – Small (£23)
  • Crackstuffers Goose Butt Plug – Small (£23)
  • Crackstuffers Goose Butt Plug – Medium (£26)
  • Crackstuffers Goose Butt Plug – Large (£44)
  • Crackstuffers Tree – Small (£66)
  • Crackstuffers Jack Truncheon – Small (£47)
  • Crackstuffers Dave (£31)
  • Soft Realistic Dildo (£20)
  • Small Latex Dildo (£20)
  • Medium Latex Dildo (£25)
  • Large Latex Dildo (£35)

So estimated price new is around £360 (again, that is estimated). I am looking at selling these to buy some new leathers. I am therefore looking for £145 for this box of toys, which will include delivery by courier to a mainland UK address.

If you are interested please E-MAIL me. Bank transfer will be the preferred method of payment.

Prepay & Save

Last year I had a Covid offer for sessions and am bringing this back again this year. I haven’t been able to make any money, and many clients have of course been on restricted incomes with furlough or impact to their own businesses.

And so I am returning the 20% reduction in price for any payments for sessions made prior to my return to sessions. This reduces an hour half session from £120 to £96, 2 hours becomes £128 and a full Slave for Day saves over £100 to become £440. Full details on my Covid information page.

For these rates full payment for the session is to be made, at the present time I would expect the absolute earliest I will be able to return to work is mid March 2021 (but it will most likely be after then).

You can make multiple payments, for a two-hour session for example you could make three separate payments of £50, £40 and £38. I will keep records of all payments and will be able to confirm the amount paid on request.

Supporting The Industry

The kink and sex industry is an amazing thing to be a part of! But it is important that we ensure those in it are also able to continue with their own businesses.

And I will be helping some other small businesses how I can. Buying some new toys to complete my new Dildo collection, a new suspension harness from Enfettered, restraints and hood from Top to Bottom Leathers and also booking some photographers for shoots!

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