Day 21: Favourite BDSM related book (fiction or non-fiction)
I don’t really read that much fiction (kink or not), I get too easily distracted.

But I do love to read things to educate and extend my knowledge, and am building up quite a nice library of kink related books / magazines.

Notable titles that I have enjoyed include (in no particular order):

I also have a collection of some great photography books:


  1. cigarboyrick

    The Tom of Finland photobook will always hold special memories for me.

    I remember finding my copy back in the late 90’s whilst on holiday in Barcelona and sacrificing every peseta of my ‘spending money’ on it.

    Such talent and expression.

    • sirdave

      Tom’s work has influenced so much about the Leather look and attitude!

      I think for many people who grew up before the Interweb his drawings were their first taste of the kinky side of gay life. I had the pleasure of seeing some of his original work at an exhibition in London, such amazing imagination and skill.

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