Gear is about what you feel sexy wearing, and if you feel confident and comfortable wearing it then that will show through and you will look incredibly sexy. This Snout baseball cap from Nastypig (available from UK via Clone Zone) is a personal favourite! In fact you will usually see me wearing this rather then the traditional Leatherman Muir Cap. Don’t get me wrong I love the look of the classic Muir cap, but so far haven’t found the right one for me that I think suits and looks right. And personally I find there is something sexy about baseball caps!

The face mask is quite awesome, I picked this up from Mr S Leather in San Francisco a few years back. They refer to it as the Mercenary Muzzle. The leather is quite thick and touch, so it keeps its shape really well, and there is a thin bendable metal bar across the nose bridge so that you can mould the top to fit you perfectly and not obstruct your sight. One strap behind your head and one over the top keep this comfortably in place.

Your voice becomes a bit muffled – Darth Vadar with a cold, but the focus on the eyes is amazing. No talking just a look, a glance, a glare or the spark of an evil idea to communicate to the boy what he has to look forward to!

Some feel the face mask would be something only a sub / bottom would wear, indeed Mr S do refer to it as a Muzzle. It definitely works as such, like hoods it can dehumanise them a bit.

But like most gear I find that it can be worn by anyone and it is about how it is worn and how you portray yourself in it that matters. Just because someone says on a Dom wears a cap I say fuck em, wear what makes you feel fucking sexy!

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