I’ve said many times before that BDSM and time in the Dungeon doesn’t have to include pain, it isn’t what it is all about.

But for some it really is … and when you find those true masochistic pain pigs oh the fun to be had! There are many different ways of exploring a subs need and desire for pain, suffering and torture – spanking, flogging, canes, tit clamps, candle wax, electro / eStim are fine examples. The latter particularly so if they want to ensure no marking / bruising on the skin.

But one area of great interest to me is CBT … cock and ball torture, again perfect for inflicting anything from a mild “ouch” to severe agony without any marking. And hearing a subs muffled screams through the gag is pretty much guaranteed to get my cock rock hard!

CBT generally falls into three types of play – crushing / squeezing, stretching and hitting. Some are able to endure a lot more of one form then another, for example stretching can be taken to an extreme level where the sub is suspended by their balls! Clearly not for everyone, but it is definitely possible with experience and practice.
Usually stretching is done either using weights on a ball parachute – I have a series of weights that lets me add upto 7Kg to your balls (naturally I’m getting some more because that is not enough for some of you fuckers). And the best thing is that the longer the weights are on the heavier they feel, particularly if your in the suspension harness and any movement just makes them pull even harder.

Stretching can of course be done by hand, something so pleasurable about having a boy tied up putting on some tight leather gloves and starting to stroke the balls. Just as they start to enjoy that I will slowly wrap my around them. The leather helping to give an extra firm grip, they look in the eyes … a mix of “Oh SHIT!” and “Oh FUCK YEAH!” … then slowly pull on them.

Or if stretching isn’t working, start to squeeze them, harder and harder – just when they think you can’t get any harder both hands come in for extra pressure. Now the intensity is really kicking in … and if I’m really lucky the struggle and desire to thrash about. But the restraints ensure this doesn’t happen.

And then there is my favourite way of hurting your balls – hitting them!

And there are so many ways to do it – a slap of the hand, a knee in the crotch, a sub on their knees and your boot kicking them in the balls or even using a paddle. The last of which I have an amazing Master U ball paddle, solid flat hard on one side and slightly padded on the other. A perfect combination for varying the impact and sensation.

Impact play on balls can sometimes require some support for them – particularly if yours are quite loose or hang down. This may be some nice tight underwear – the look and feel of lycra is particularly good here. Or even some silicone ball stretchers, give a gentle pull – nothing too intense, but something to ensure the balls are presented nicely ready for abuse.

And then on with the show – hands usually tied up out of the way, I don’t want you wanking your dick and cumming before I’m ready for you to cum! Though if you do come and committed to a certain number of hits / time of hits you are really fucked! The intensity and agony is multiplied by a factor of at least 10 after you have shot your load – which makes it even more fun for me (back to the screams through the gag).

There are several games that we can do to make it more interesting – a roll of some dice, or a deck of cards to determine the intensity, type and number of hits for example. Or how about balls out and Venus milking machine slowly working your cock keeping you on edge.

And then there are those magic words I love to hear so much “Hurt me Sir!” or “Hit my balls Sir!“. Your tied down, you know your going to be in pain, you’re not asking you’re begging for it … “Harder SIR!“.

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