One of the great things about a my dungeon is that it has high ceilings … and high ceilings are good for hanging things from. Subs particularly!

Many like the feeling of being ‘vulnerable’ – a real sense of loss of control, Sir could do whatever he wanted. And suspension play provides a very definite loss of control as you feel the ground beneath you stretches out of reach. It is very much the ultimate in helplessness.

I currently have two primary attachment points for suspension play – a manual and electric hoist. They are both excellent at what they do, just operate at different speeds. The electric hoist moves very quickly (and quite loudly … but only while moving), and the manual is an American made worm-gear winch that moves very slowly, quite subtly you could say.

My favoured suspension scene is using the Fetters suspension harness with the manual winch. The harness has thick heaving padding on the leg straps and hip area. Made of very thick strong leather this harness is very adjustable so can be adjusted to fit just about every body.

But the fun only starts when your strapped into the harness. With the slow hand winch each turn of the handle is a very small movement – I get to decide if your feet are on the floor, you are on the tip of your toes, just able to touch the floor if you really stretch your foot out … or flying no chance of escaping!

But then of course I don’t want your hands getting in my way, so some padded four buckle hand restraints soon sort that! Hands kept out of the way behind your back or maybe clipped up to the suspension bar. Then your feel pulled back and up – definitely nothing you could do now.

And then the fun can really start … all depending on what you like to experience. Maybe just a hood / blindfold and some gentle cock teasing … a vibrator on the tip of your hard dripping cock?

Or some eStim fun, how about some cock and ball torture? Whatever you like to experience suspension really intensifies the experience.

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