I was recently asked if I could recommend some arse play / prostate stimulators. And in the words of the Sally …. yes, yes, yees, yes, YESSSS! And so here are my recommendations for really getting your ass excited and your cock ready for some mind blowing orgasms!

These are presented in price order, getting more expensive as they go on, but all offer something of a buzz! And don’t forget the lube…


Rocks Off Raspberry (19.99)

Not sold directly as a “prostate stimulator / massager” this little bundle of joy deserves its place here. Small, perfectly formed and with their own RO-80mm Bullet Vibrator this definitely packs a punch! The vibrator can be removed easily for super easy clean up.

If you want to feel a little something inside your hole that is a bit more exciting then just a butt plug this is a good place to start. But if you are experienced in some anal play, maybe skip down a few places.


Rocks Off Rock Quest (£24.99)

Now we get serious … the perfect place for prostate beginners to start. This affordable bundle of joy is small, discrete and perfectly sized. The silicone ring on the outside is comforting to know about … particularly if you get a bit greedy and start to suck it up as you ride it!

The Quest has 10 speed sensations / speed settings that you can go through using the button the base to find the one that really works for you. And this has a really nice bonus … 100% waterproof! This will really help make bathtime one to remember!!


Rocks Off O Boy (£34.99)

Ready to step it up a little with my personal favourite?

O Boy will help you with that, combining both prostate and perineum stimulation into one unit. This is both great for beginners or those more experienced P-Spot fans, comes with the same vibrator as the Raspberry above with seven speed settings and again removable for washing.

The design of the O Boy is clever – it allows you to insert it, get comfortable and ‘ride’ it. Sit yourself down, put on your fave porn, and rock around and move your ass and hips around this wonder boy.


Rocks Off Ro-Zen Pro (£49.99)

Why let your ass have all the fun? The Ro-Zen Pro is a combation of butt plug and cock / ball strap all linked together. This uses a USB rechargable 10 speed / setting vibrator for the good stuff, and is also 100% waterproof and fully submersible. This, and a well position hot tub jet … could it get any better?

With the cock straps this makes for a fun one to use together too – you both get your prostates massaged!


Nexus Revo Intense (£119.99)

Quite a jump in price now, but that gets you something … another motor to add a very different sensation to the play.

The tip of the Revo Intense vibrates with various levels as most of the stimulators above, but this one adds something new. The neck of the vibrator also rotates at two different speeds, so you can choose a combination of different sensations and experiences to really enjoy something new!

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