tbt-gear01Many years ago when I first visited Birmingham Bizarre Bazzar there was a leather straitjacket.

But this wasn’t just some run of the mill straitjacket, this was an item of beauty! The quality of the leather, the finish, the craftsmanship of the design and build was amazing. And that is how I discovered Top To Bottom Leathers, a small British company specialising in bespoke quality leather bondage equipment and products. And they are now one of my two main providers of leather restraints and products.

The company was formed in 2001 and have built a large legion of fans who love their products, they no longer visit many (if any) of the fetish markets / events because their order book is usually full. And if they take on too much work the level of service they provide can only go down through delays in delivery.

All of their own products are made to order, they don’t hold stock items, so if you need a new collar tomorrow these guys won’t be able to help. But if you want a locking collar that fits perfectly you will have reached the right place.

For most of their products you are asked for measurements – neck size, wrist, ankle circumference for example. And this measurement is used as the midpoint on the buckle strap. So, for example, with a collar for example a larger neck won’t feel too tight, a thinner neck won’t have a long strap flapping around. And for many of the products you can request a coloured leather trim … most of the products I have from them have a red trim, other colours available are black, red, purple, white or pink.

tbt-collar01For a lot of bondage restraints, the ability to padlock them in place can be physically and emotionally important for many. The restraints have an option for of two buckle types, the standard one or a locking buckle. The buckle has a small hole into which you can put a padlock, thus stopping the ability to unlock the restraint. The holes are a great size, and easily and comfortably fit small padlocks like this keyed alike Master lock.

So far I have s small collection of products, a deluxe collar, padded blindfold, ball parachute and padded fist mitts. The ball parachute is one of the best on the market, feels sturdy, very powerful snaps (with two positions for different fits) and importantly has a good size attachment point underneath to attach to rope, weights, buckets filling with water etc.

The padded fist mitts, are a fine example of the quality of the products. They look amazing, and the leather lining inside feels sublime … and of course frustrating for the sub.

They have also designed some of their own unique products, such as their Oblivion Discipline Hood, a truly unique design and incredible value considering it is made to measure for £279! Personally I love the security harness that goes with it for a complete look.

The pup scene in the UK has exploded in recent years! Before I was even aware of the pup scene specifically I remember seeing the Top to Bottom Leather Dog Hood … it has the most adorable ears and wet nose! Still have a soft spot for it.

So if you are looking for the couture of bondage at affordable prices without compromising on quality in any way … Top To Bottom is a great place to start!

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