wmcbp-sizelThis is a review of what is called “The Worlds Most Comfortable Butt Plug” made by the team across the pond at Mr S Leather in San Francisco, and available here in the UK from the team at Regulation Ltd in London.

This isn’t a really new toy, its been around since 2005 (probably earlier), but hasn’t had the presence it deserves here in the UK.

But before we get down to it (or it in) I just wanted to cover what is meant by “butt plug” – they are ass toys, but different to dildos etc. They are designed to be put in your asshole and left, the design usually angled or rounded for smooth insertion with a thinner neck. The neck width is important, as if you want to wear this for more then a few hours the more the sphincter muscle can fully contract the better and happier your ass will be.

Butt plugs can serve several purposes, warm up for ass play, punishment, mark of ownership keeping the ass plugged so no one can use it, purely for your own sexual pleasure and ecstasy. And plugs come in lots of sizes, from teeny tiny to fuck me that’s almost as big as my head size. And different shapes and sizes can be used differently. Something to remember if you are wearing a plug longer term (more then a usual session) remember you want to be able to get it out! When you have been playing your ass muscles will be more relaxed and you will be able to remove good size plugs. If you leave one in for too long you may find it harder and painful to remove. Don’t be greedy! If it won’t go in without any warm up practice it won’t come out easily!

wmcbp-sizesBut on with the topic in hand – the Worlds Most Comfortable Butt Plug. As you can see from the pic above this comes in three distinct parts, the main body, a small connecting rubber tube and the metal base. The body and base are made from solid aluminium, and the medical grade rubber tube links the two – this is a solid well made toy that is designed to last.

The key factor in making this so comfortable is the connector – its very thin, about 5mm in diameter. And so when inserted the sphincter muscle and pretty much completely close up around it. Of course metal toys have some particularly properties when playing with them. When first used they can feel a bit cool going in, but then the body warms them up and they feel great. You can of course use this to your advantage if you want – pop it in some cool or warm water first? Too hot or cold will be dangerous and you don’t want to explain that to the A&E staff I’m sure.

Also, if using this remember that it is a rubber tube – no oil based lubes! Silicone ones probably best for longer term wear as water based can dry out whilst wearing it which can make withdrawl fun!

But if you are looking for not just the most comfortable but best butt plug this is the one to go for! Currently available in three sizes in the here in the UK.

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