What are your hard limits?

Bareback / unsafe sex – is a fuck really worth it? Get a condom that is the right size for your dick and go for it! Though I must admit I’m not a big fan of fucking, I kinda get bored after a while – though using a strap on to fuck I really enjoy! Partly because I get so much more control over the experience – what size and shape dildo I use.

But back to bareback sex, the risk and consequences of STI’s are too great for me. I’d rather avoid a life of pills and blood tests if I can.

Breath control / breath play – the risk and danger of death just isn’t worth an orgasm. I don’t believe anyone who claims they can do it safely. And for anyone who plays with stuff around the neck I ask how you plan for ensuring the Vasovagal response isn’t an issue (it can lead to your heart stopping within a matter of seconds in extreme cases)? I know a lot of people really get turned on through BC/BP and that they will always do it. And for me they need to know the real risks, things like the episode of Watts The Safe Word are excellent.

But two things for anyone interested in this play, never, and I mean NEVER do it alone … not even for 2 seconds. And if you get turned on buy things tight around the neck research the Vegal nerve … it’s in the neck and stimulating it can go from alive to dead in a second. It doesn’t control breathing, it controls your heart rate and it tells the heart to stop beating. Fainting etc doesn’t start it up again.

Drugs – “are you chem friendly” … one question that really riles me! It’s as if by calling them “chems” it’s acceptable, they aren’t chems, they are drugs. Ask me if you can use recreational drugs in a session with me and I’ll respect you a bit more. The answer will still be no, but at least I know you recognise what you are doing. I have no issues with people using drugs, but when I am playing with someone I have a responsibility to ensure they have a great time but a much bigger responsibility for their safety and life.

By taking drugs perceptions and risk awareness changes, your body language and communication changes. I need to be able to understand both of these and use them to ensure you aren’t being pushed too far or being damaged / injured.  If you aren’t 100% connected to your mind and body I cannot trust your feedback.

Oh, and I don’t want to explain to the police / ambulance guys what was happening. And I certainly don’t want to be the one to call your family!

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