What’s your favourite toy?

This is a really hard one to answer – it depends on what I’m doing! But there are some definite favourites that I will often come back to use, favourite floggers, restraints etc. I often find people who make amazing stuff and I want a full collection from them, floggers for example I have a set of 6 from Bare Leatherworks in Seattle (deer, elk, cow fullsize and midsize, buffalo and thudstinger) but I feel there are probably one or two more I would like to get to complete the set!

Most of my bondage restraints come from Fetters, and Top to Bottom Leathers who make the most exquisite products, and then for eStim products there is of course eStim Systems – all three of these companies are small independent places who manufacturer their own products here in the UK!

annsummers-vibratorBut I would probably say for a toy it is an excellent quite large large double ended vibrator. It’s bright pink and came from Ann Summers – which surprises a lot of people. Annoyingly you can’t get it on their website, it has two powerful motors inside that can be independently controlled and has various modes. Perfect to place on the cock, balls, a toy on the ass, to send vibrations down some nipple clamps. Definitely a keeper!

I am very fortunate in being able to have built up a huge collection of toys, some people collect stamps I collect kinky toys. And the problem is when you start collecting them, you always want more and keep finding new items to add!

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