Describe your weirdest/most interesting sexual fantasy.

I wouldn’t say I have any “weird” fantasies, but that is more a reflection on what I consider weird. Because to me sexuality is such a broad spectrum of feelings, emotions and experiences I love to explore other people’s sexual turn on and ideas.

There are a few that I haven’t experienced that I would like to. Definitely more outdoor play, a sub tied between two tree’s – arms outstretched, legs held apart and then flogged. But a really long drawn out intense roller coaster of sensations of a flogging scene. I’d also like to subject a sub to a heavy bondage and torment scene when I have the final two items of equipment for that. The Fetters Bondage Chair and Venus 2000 masturbator machine. A sub, ideally in full bike leathers, maybe rubber, strapped in to the bench, eStim plug, Venus on his cock and then the fun can really start!!

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