I’m a big Sci-Fi fan, and one of my favourite TV shows has been Babylon 5 for a long time. Followers of the show will probably recognise the title of this post as the question Mr Morden and his associates The Shadows asked.

But a variation of this question is something that I ask all my clients, particularly those who wish to visit The Dungeon. Everyone who visits me has different interests, different desires, different needs, and is looking for something unique to them.

For many the biggest thrill and turn on from a visit to the Dungeon is the submission, the power exchange and loss of control – not knowing what is going to happen. But everyone has limits, everyone has specific fetishes and turn-ons.

And when you look at my website, my tumblr etc you will no doubt see something that excites you. I am fortunate to have a lot of furniture, equipment, toys, gadgets and lots of other fun things that can be used. But most people won’t want to use all of them!

Sir: What do you want?

Boy: Bondage Sir.

What sort of bondage – rope, restraints, chains, manacles, gags, blindfolds, hoods, heavy hoods, full body sleepsack, straight jacket? For some a heavy hood and straightjacket would be amazing but for others who are claustrophic it could bring on a panic attack!

When asked “What do you want” you need to think about what you like, what excites you, what turns you on but also what you don’t like, what scares you, what turns you immediately off.

The more information you can give me and the more I understand your desires, needs and interests the better and more exciting the session and the play! If you aren’t sure, let me know I can work through some questions, scenarios, ideas to gauge interest and put together something we will both very much enjoy!

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