I am often asked if I have any dildos that people can try, the answer is of course not just yes but lots. Of various sizes and lengths! The picture isn’t all of them, but it shows off a good selection of them from the smallest to some of the largest!

Ass play can be amazing fun! But it takes patience and practice. If you aren’t experienced while the idea may make for an amazing wank fantasy don’t expect to go from number 1 (far left) to number 14 (far right) in your first session. Most people on a first introduction to ass play would be able to take the first four, then maybe number 5 / 6.

Dildos and ass toys make great introductions to anal play, you can start really small and slowly work up. And this slow bit is so important! The ass can give huge amounts of extraordinary pleasure, the phrase anal orgasm isn’t used without reason. But you must treat it with care and respect and never push too far in any session. If you feel pain that is when you need to stop – sometimes your really horny and want to push past it. Don’t! The body isn’t ready yet, and if you practice regularly you will progress a lot faster, and ultimately listening to your body will make it a lot more enjoyable! And of course can avoid any trips to A&E.

Of course a lot of guys want to get fucked, to experience the feeling of a guy pounding their ass. But what if their dick is too big, or you prefer a larger cock inside you? I also have a strap-on harness that fits all of the camo dildos above – great for practicing with a small dildo or for that full stretch! And of course never goes soft – so can fuck for as long as you want!

If you are more experienced you will love the final four toys from the boys over at Crackstuffers (www.crackstuffers.com) … these guys know how to make big toys for accommodating holes that are never satisfied.

And of course, as the sign says its not just about toys – fists too!

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