This is a treatment that has lots of body to body contact throughout.

It starts off like other treatments, you changing into a robe in private. We then go through a short relaxation and once you stand up I start to explore your body through the robe. And when ready I slowly undress you and begin to touch and explore your naked body – as you can mine.

Once on the table you will be slowly drenched in warm (unscented) oil, and then feel my hands all glide effortlessly all over your body. The idea of the bodyglide is to reduce all friction and barriers – the oil is topped up so that my hands just glide all over you, around your buttocks, your back, your arms, your legs, between your thighs etc.

And then my body – total male to male body contact sliding, gliding and exploring each others. My cock rubbing against yours and over your body. Hands, body, cocks, lips all free to touch and explore.

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