This is going to be an ongoing blog series, four questions about me and my work. If there is a question you would like to see answered please send over and I will add it to the list for a future post.

What are 5 things you can’t live without?

1) The internet
2) TiVo
3) Good friends
4) Good food
5) A positive optimistic outlook

What are your favourite condoms, lube, enemas, etc… ? Recommendations?

All depends on the activity! For anal play (be it a fingering or fisting) I always wear black Nitrile gloves. Black because they look sexy, and Nitrile as they are stronger and don’t grip the skin / hairs.

For condoms I tend to use Mates natural and king size either on dicks or toys. Then all toys are washed after each session and cleaned with a hospital grade disinfectant.

I have a few preferences on lube – for everyday lube either Liquid Silk or Super Slick .. the later tastes quite nice 😉 or for bigger toys / fisting play X-Lube or Fist Powder work amazingly well! Super super slippery, and you can mix to the desired consistency and unlike J-Lube washing after is really easy!

Or of course for fisting there is always the classic Crisco which remains a first favourite of greedy holes around the world.

Are you discreet?

100%. I never talk about my clients with anyone else, what happens is between you and I. If I am ever in a situation that I was to meet a client I would never acknowledge them or the fact they have been to see me. No records of visits are recorded or saved.

Wine or beer?

Wine, always wine over beer! I have never enjoyed any types of beers – ales, largers, bitters, stouts etc. Wine on the other hand I always enjoy – particularly a good Rioja or Malbec for a red, or Californian Chardonnay or New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc for white. If looking at bubbles Ruinart Bland de Blanc or even the superb English sparkling wine Nyetimber.

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