There are many people who have built their own dungeon / playroom, and there are many that you can hire around the country and world. Some I have done just that.

Over the years I have built my own collection up to build my Dungeon to explore my own fetishes and interests. It’s a long slow process, but one of the things that is really important to me is getting it right … getting the detail right. And for me part of that detail is lighting – if you have ever been to a see a play in the theatre you will realise how critical it is to creating the right atmosphere.

So in my room I currently have 8 ParCan lights, one LED floodlight, one smoke machine and a laser. I used to have three RGB floodlights, but found that they wouldn’t remember the last setting used, so this afternoon I removed them and installed one red LED floodlight. I’m going to add a blue one when I have expanded the lighting panel.

Remember, it’s all about the detail, and that detail gives you the wow factor when you walk in.

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