These are great fun! The 3 red and black at the black and then grey and red in the middle are all different size ball stretchers. All made out of silicone they are very soft and super stretchy. Using a little lube you stretch them open and place on your scrotum so that they sit between the cock and balls.

They just give a gentle stretch to keep the scrotum tight (not painfully) but to ensure the balls are lifted up and the skin is taught over them. These are really comfortable to wear, I have worn them all day on occasion under clothes whilst out shopping!

Once stretched out slightly the balls become really sensitive – just running your fingers, maybe a feather or soft cloth over them feels heavenly! You can combine them together for more of a tug for those who love the sensation – for example the grey and red ones can be ‘stacked’ up.

The blue “sport fucker” is amazing, this is a unique cock ring design, again very soft and stretchy but this goes around the cock and behind the balls so the circle on the base here is flat against your body, then the raised bend goes between your balls and cock. It just lifts the cock and pulls the balls forward slightly. Again very comfortable and helps to keep everything alert!

The black one to the left is a slightly more intense version, gives a slight stretch to the balls by pushing them down in the ballsack, and wraps around the base of the cock.

Any of these can be incorporated into a sensual massage experience to give a whole new sensation and experience.

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