Clients visit for many different reasons, and the age range from which they come is huge. But they are all welcome – young guys, to more mature and older guys. They are all treated with respect, honour and I work to give them all the most amazing time.

I never ask a client why they are visiting only what they would like – what type of treatment, or session would they like to experience. I then ask the same four questions at the start of each appointment:

  1. Any aches and pains
  2. Any injury or surgery in the past year
  3. Any parts of the body you don’t like being touched
  4. Any allergies

I will advise clients that if at any point anything they don’t like, enjoy or feel comfortable with to say and we will immediately stop. And to say if there is anything particular they do like, enjoy or would like to experience and I will do my best to make that happen.

For some clients, that is enough, but for others they like to share their reasons for the visit. What they are hoping it can help with, what they can take away from it, what they want to experience. All these discussions are of course completely confidential and never shared with anyone. For some being able to share their reasons, their story, they fantasy, or just to be able to talk without fear of judgement is a much a part of the session as the touch and what we do.

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