Video Library

I am starting to work on a series of Video blogs, introductions to myself, a tour of the dungeon and more information about what I do. I will be adding to these videos regularly over the coming weeks.

Click on the pictures below to watch the videos

How to count to ten
15th November 2022
Blog Post
Impact Play - The Unedited Edition
10th November 2022
What do you want?
7th September 2022
Making bookings and paying deposits
31st August 2022
Let's look forward to 2022
21st December 2021
All bodies and fantasies are allowed in my dungeon!
27th Septemer 2021
Blog Post
It's been a long time
7th June 2021
Blog Post
Christmas Message
24 December 2020
Home HIV Test for World AIDS Day
1 December 2020
Blog Post
Stretch Dildos Review
17 September 2020
Blog Post
Covid 19 Udpate 2
28 August 2020
Badcat Stocks Review
9 July 2020
Covid Update 2
2 July 2020
Blog Post
1 July 2020
Blog Post
25 June 2020
Paddle Power
15 May 2020
Covid 19 Introduction
6 May 2020
Fun with Dildos
6 May 2020
Coffee and Kink
6 May 2020

If you have suggestions for a video topic you would like to see covered let me know, or if you wish to support me investing in new kit sooner why not book and prepay your session?